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Have you heard? Elgon has introduced a demi-permanent colour range to the family! With 35 vegan, PPD-free shades, all housed in recycled and recyclable packaging, you’re going to want to try this!

What is demi-permanent colour?

Demi-permanent hair colour is an oxidative hair dye that provides beautiful results with no lifting. The colour molecules sit on top of the natural colour and penetrate slightly into the cortex, rather than the deep colour penetration you’ll experience from permanent colour. Because they require a low-level oxidant and are less invasive for the hair structure, demi-permanent or tone-on-tone hair colours are much kinder to the hair and scalp.

If natural-looking colour with radiant shine is what you’re looking for, then demi-permanent colours are for you!

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Discover Tonalight

Colour is light; without colour, there is no light. Get ready to shine with the pure light of Elgon Tonalight!

After lengthy research into the demi-permanent market and in-depth analysis from clients worldwide, Tonalight was born! This luxurious cream colour delivers luminous tone-on-tone effects that are perfect for toning, enhancing, and blending first signs of white hair.

Developed with colourists in mind, the super creamy texture is so easy to weigh and provides excellent control and optimum adhesion to the hair, so you can be confident in the finished result.

100% vegan, Elgon Tonalight boasts a gentle, dermatologically-tested formula that’s free from ammonia and PPD. Add to the mix Elgon’s unique Biotech Olive Complex – with natural olive leaf extract – and you’ve got intensely hydrated hair, unbeatable shine, and incredible colour radiance!

Elgon Tonalight Biotechnology

Why Biotech?

Biotechnological fermentation is an innovative method used in cosmetics to extract exceptionally pure and highly concentrated active ingredients from waste products within the supply chain. We know that sounds super technical, but the main point here is that it produces super-concentrated, natural ingredients. The olive leaf extract in Tonalight obtained through Biotechnology helps to enhance performance and deliver vibrant, multifaceted colour with glossy shine.

Biotechnologies are also a great sustainable solution because they:

  • maximise the purity and concentration of natural actives
  • use less energy and water in production
  • create less waste during production (they actually use up the waste created from other productions)
  • create easily biodegradable raw materials.

PLUS shades on bases 9 and 10 contain even more Biotech Olive Complex to guarantee radiant, shiny results on bleached hair

Elgon Tonalight Mixing

Your service menu

The Tonalight colour chart is divided into 3 categories + Clear Shine that offer all you need to add brilliance to your balayage, highlights, bleached blondes and much more!

Natural Series: with natural nuances that are perfect for white hair blending

Rich Series: balanced warm tones

Cool Series: special cool tones that offer endless neutralising possibilities

Clear Shine: non-pigmented, extra shine formula that can be mixed with any colour to lighten the shade, or used alone for intense gloss

Great for gradually introducing colour-shy clients to the world of colour, the fully intermixable shades will help you increase your colour menu and boost your earnings with a range of versatile services:

Toning without lightening the base

Revive and enhance lengths

White hair blending of up to 70% without regrowth effect

Bestow radiance with Clear Shine

Base Breaker on natural hair (using 13 vol)

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