Everything you need to know about Glitterbels

Glitterbels by Annabel Now Available at Adel Direct

We can’t contain our excitement about the latest brand to join the Adel family!

From humble beginnings, Glitterbels has fast become an industry-leading nail brand, offering an unbelievable array of professional nail products with world-wide renown.

Driven by a love of all things nails, Annabel began honing her skills at her mum’s kitchen table, before taking the plunge and opening her stunning salon, Nails by Annabel, in Newcastle under Lyme in 2015. Her show-stopping nail creations earned her a cult following on social media which helped her gain incredible success in salon and online.

Just 2 years later, Annabel and her husband, Elliott, seized their opportunity and launched their first range of Glitterbels acrylic powders in 2017. Since then, a capsule collection of nail essentials has boomed into a globally-recognised nail brand, offering hundreds of acrylic powders and nail glitters alongside a fantastic range of essential monomers and brushes.

There’s no sign of slowing! Glitterbels is constantly evolving – having already branched out into hard gel and gel polish, there’s no guessing where this incredible brand will take us next!

Get to know the brand

Core Acrylic Powders

The ones you can’t live without! The word ‘core’ maybe doesn’t do justice to just how varied this range is. Far more than your standard options of white, pink, nude and clear, the Glitterbels Core Acrylic collection contains nearly 20 shades (with more to come) that help you create the perfect shape and apex to your your clients’ nails. Beautiful on their own of for creating smile lines and ombré effects, the Core Powders provide amazing durability, revealing reliably strong and long-lasting enhancements.

Who could forget Glitterbels Glass Slippers? The ultimate must-have, not only does Glass Slippers create stunning, glass-effect nails, but Annabel herself recommends using this to cap coloured acrylics and glitters for the smoothest finish.

Coloured Acrylic Powders

Thought you had a lot of choice with your Core Powders? Well get ready for the coloured powders! The current collection of Glitterbels Coloured Acrylics offers over 200 shades of super-pigmented acrylics. Versatile and so easy to use, Coloured Acrylics are perfect for full coverage as well as fades, blends, and detailed designs.

Pre-Mixed Glitters

A favourite of Annabel herself, Glitterbels Pre-Mixed Glitters help you add stunning sparkle to any nail set with ease. With more than 250 shades to choose from, Pre-Mixed Glitters really help you unleash your creativity, whether you’re working with subtle sparkles or super chunky confetti glitters.

Loose Nail Glitters

All about that glitz and glam? Glitterbels Loose Glitters are the ones for you. Available in a fine, medium, chunky, and mixed, these professional Glitters are perfect for use with acrylic or gel enhancements to transform any look. With over 150 to choose from, which will you try?


The unsung heroes of the range, Glitterbels offers a selection of acrylic liquids designed for all clients and techs. Choose Annabel’s personal favourite – Glitterbels Violet Monomer – to counteract yellowing, or the HEMA-Free Monomer to minimise allergic reaction. Whichever you work with, every Glitterbels Monomer will help to maximise performance while reducing lifting and breakage.

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