Get Addicted to Blond!

Get your clients (and your team!) addicted to the endless possibilities of blonde colouring with the new Indola Blond Addict collection.

An impressive range of colour intensifiers, this care collection with Hair Bond Technology goes beyond fibre regeneration, actively strengthening and protecting each strand for the most stunning, long-lasting blonde results. Cool, warm or with a touch of on-trend pastel colour, Indola Blond Addict is here to revive your clients’ obsession with their blonde colour.

Discover the full range here:




#1 Wash Shampoo

This professional cleanser helps to fortify your client’s blonde hair, enhancing and protecting each strand’s vibrancy.

Suitable for all blonde hues.






#1 Wash Instacool Shampoo

Formulated with an innovative blend of blue and violet pigments, this incredible shampoo neutralises brassiness as it cleanses for the clearest, brightest blonde results.

Perfect for cool blonde or silver colourings.






#1 Wash Pinkrose Shampoo

Our favourite in the range, the Indola Pinkrose Shampoo provides a beautiful pink pastel tint to blonde locks for a personalised boost of colour.

Ideal for clients after no-commitment, on-trend colour.




#2 Care Treatment

We all know the damage that can be caused by colouring and processing. Indola’s Blond Addict Treatment wraps the hair in intensely nourishing ingredients which work to repair and strengthen each strand, defending against future damage.

Suitable for all blonde hair types.





#2 Care Ice Shimmer Spray

Illuminate those cool blonde hues with the Indola Ice Shimmer Spray – serving to detangle and tame while neutralising brassiness and emphasising cool tones.

Great for use after cleansing with Instacool Shampoo.





#2 Care Gold Shimmer Spray

Indola’s Gold Shimmer Spray adds an eye-catching burst of radiant shine while taming and smoothing the hair for all-round glowing results.

The perfect finishing touch for warmer blondes or hair cleansed with Pinkrose Shampoo.




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