Get Photogenic Hair With Lisaplex Filter Color


Have you discovered new Lisaplex Filter Color yet? Designed to replicate the flattering effect of your favourite photo filter, new Filter Color works to neutralise unwanted tones while lightening and enhancing your client’s colour. 👌

Specially formulated with Lisaplex Vegetal Protein Complex, these dyes actively protect and restructure the hair fibre for overall improved condition, body, and vitality alongside stunning colour results that last approximately 4-6 washes (depending on hair’s condition and porosity).

Available in 6 ammonia-free, intermixable, metallic-effect shades, there’s the perfect filter out there for everyone! 😍 What’s more, Lisap’s innovative Filter Colour Swatch Ring includes unique lay-on filters so you can easily give your clients a sneak-peak of the finished result.

Check out some stunning Filter Color results below. 👇




Metallic Pearl

Lisaplex Filter Color Metallic Pearl.

3% (10 vol.) Developer.

Mixing Ratio 1:1.

Processing Time: 10 minutes.

Lightens natural level 7 to level 10.






Metallic Ginger

Lisaplex Filter Color Metallic Ginger.

6% (20 vol.) Developer.

Mixing Ratio 1:1.

Processing Time: 20 minutes.

Lightens natural level 5 to level 7.





Rose Effect

Model: Base 10/0 gold with lighter tones 11/0.

Colour 1 

Lisaplex Filter Color Metallic Rose.

3% (10 vol.) Developer.

Mixing Ratio 1:1.

Applied with foil to lighter shades.

Colour 2

Lisaplex Filter Color Metallic Ash (20g).

Lisaplex Filter Color Metallic Pearl (40g).

6% (20 vol.) Developer (60ml).

Applied to the rest of the head.




Metallic Ash

Model: Base 5/00 with 10/00 gold tones.

Lisaplex Filter Color Metallic Ash (20g).

Lisaplex Filter Color Metallic Gloss (30g).

6% (20 vol.) Developer (50ml).

Applied all over with shaker applicator.




The instructions above refer to these specific examples: the professional must make a personal assessment of shade choice, developer strength and processing time based on the initial colour, structure, and porosity of the hair. Have a look at Lisap’s technical advice for guidance.




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