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Are you thinking about adding another string to your hair salon’s bow? If so, there’s nothing hotter right now than hair extensions. After the dip in demand during the pandemic, recent uptake in hair extensions services and a boom in celebrity trends means the global hair extensions market is forecast to reach $3.43 billion USD by 2028!*

So versatile – and let’s not forget, profitable – hair extensions are no longer just about adding length; these little strands of magic instantly volumise, thicken, texturise and enhance any hair type, from short styles to long locks. With so many different methods to choose – from weft hair extensions, to tape ins, to nano and micro ring hair extensions – you really can find the perfect, no damage hair extensions to complement every client’s look.

At Adel Academy, we offer the ultimate hair extension training course. This 1 day hair extensions course covers three of the industry’s most popular heat- and adhesive-free extensions methods, taking you from extension novice to master weaver! So which methods are covered, and how can you improve your salon offering with on-trend hair extensions techniques? Let’s find out!

Blonde track weave hair extensions hair weft

Weft Hair Extensions

The latest method to hit the hair extensions trend, our weft extensions use an invisible track weave method to add gorgeous length and volume throughout without the need for adhesive. Unlike other sew in hair extensions, our track weave provides 100% even distribution with no hair damage. This is thanks to the unique way in which the hair weft is sewn in. We don’t want to give too much away (you’ll have to book onto our hair extensions training to find out all the details…) but this sew in weave is carefully attached to ensure there is no tension around the extension beads, and means you don’t have to push up the weave. The result is seamless hair extensions with no damage, matting, or hair loss. We know: it sounds too good to be true, but trust us on this one!

The invisible track weave weft takes between 30-60 minutes depending on the amount of hair and number of hair wefts and requires maintenance after 4-6 weeks.

Blonde tape in hair extensions

Tape In Hair Extensions

A super discreet, natural-looking method, tape ins work by sectioning the hair and sandwiching extensions between 2 thin tapes which are attached at the root. A great option for clients with finer hair types, tape in extensions for thin hair lie flat against the head, meaning you can add great length and style without any bulkiness. Mix up your tape in extension placement to suit your client’s look – from longer strands to add volume throughout to shorter sections to enhance fringes and bobs. Clients feeling more adventurous? Tape ins are a great way to add a pop of colour without touching a tube of hair dye!

The quickest method covered on our hair extensions course, tape ins take approximately 30-45 minutes to install and, with proper hair extensions care, will need maintenance after about 8 weeks.

Nano hair extensions on dark hair

Nano Ring Hair Extensions

Nano hair extensions are the ones that have everything! Using beads that are approximately 90% smaller than classic micro ring hair extensions, nano extensions are damage-free, individual extensions that add length and definition exactly where it’s needed. Because the beads are so tiny, nano hair extensions are incredibly discreet – which is why they’re a great choice for bridal hair styles, updos, and finer hair types.

Now, as you might have guessed, such detailed work does take a little longer, with the average nano bead hair extensions service taking 2-3 hours. But the results are truly worth the wait!

Hair Extensions Training

We’ve been through all the methods you’ll learn on our extensions hair training course, but what does the day look like?

In the morning, our fabulous educator will teach you all there is to know about the popular treatment, covering all aspects of hair extension theory including:

  • History of extensions
  • Hair types
  • Colour ring and colour matching
  • Treatment benefits
  • Health & safety
  • Contra indications and contra actions
  • Aftercare

Afterwards, the educator will demonstrate all 3 hair extension methods, and you’ll get to practise each technique along the way on hairdressing training heads. Once you’ve showcased your skills across each method, your work will be assessed and you’ll be officially qualified in the most popular hair extensions around!

Like the sound of our hair weave, tape in and nano ring hair extensions training course? Check out our upcoming course dates and book your place online today!

*Market analysis by Fortune Business Insights

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