Introducing Indola Xpress Color


Cut your service time in half with brand new Indola Xpress Color – a unique permanent colour cream that delivers exceptional colour results in as little as 20 minutes!

Tailor made to suit the solo stylist, Xpress Color offers 3 times the processing speed of traditional colour with high-performance, natural-looking results. The 14 gorgeous shades promise perfect grey and white hair coverage on all hair types. The perfect colour range to tempt all of those time-poor clients, discover Xpress Color now to deliver faster services and increase your turnover!





Always mix Indola Xpress Color with Indola Cream Developer in a 1:1 ratio

Use 2% Developer for:

  • Darker colouring.
  • Colour refreshment.

Use 6% Developer for:

  • Tone-on-tone colouration.
  • Lifting up to 1 level.

Use 9% Developer for:

  • Lifting up to 2 levels.

Do not mix Indola Xpress Color with Indola PCC Shades.



Apply with brush to dry, unwashed hair.

To ensure perfect coverage, apply plenty of colour for resistant hair types.

Top Tip: Do not comb through re-growth colour to refresh the ends – apply freshly mixed colour combined with equal amounts of water and leave on for 3-5 minutes.


Development Time

  • 10 minutes for all standard colourations.
  • 10 minutes + for white hair coverage OR resistant hair types.
  • 15 minutes + for white hair coverage AND resistant hair types.


White Coverage

  • For perfect coverage use natural shades (.0).
  • For perfect white hair coverage on thick and resistant hair use .00 shades with 9% developer.
  • For fashion shades on more than 50% white hair, mix 2 parts fashion shade with 1 part corresponding natural shade.



Xpress Color Services

Xpress Short Crops

Add a special twist of colour on top by combining 2 different tones, using warmer or lighter colour placements to give the illusion of thicker hair.


Xpress Root Re-Touch

Cover white instantly by retouching the roots or T-section – the quickest way to blend colour with soft, natural results in minutes.


Xpress Partial Colour

Frame your client’s face by placing 4-8 shades of lighter tones to soften overall colour and highlight the face.





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