New Bonacure Clean Performance

New BC Bonacure Range

In recent years, hairdressers and consumers alike have been faced with a hair care dilemma: should they pick high-quality, top-performing products, or opt for a greener, more sustainable alternative?

Schwarzkopf Professional believe there should be no compromise when it comes to the perfect hair care regime, and have created the ultimate solution: new BC Bonacure Clean Performance.

Combining the reliable performance of existing BC Bonacure products with a sustainable and ethical approach, new Bonacure Clean Performance embraces clean beauty and high-performing products that are free from compromise and full of promise!

Why choose clean performance?

BC Bonacure Clean Formula

Clean Formula

100% vegan formulas that are free from sulphates, silicones, parabens, mineral oils, phthalates, microplastics, and artificial colourants, all with a high level of biodegradability.

BC Bonacure Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable Packaging

Clean inside and out, Bonacure’s new packaging is fully recyclable and made from up to 97% recycled plastics, with 72% less plastic used on caps.

BC Bonacure Advanced Technology

Advanced Formula

New BC Bonacure uses the next generation of clean, advanced technology with Schwarzkopf’s Vegan Care Complex: a combination of Vegan Keratin and Cell Equalizer technologies that guarantees healthy, gorgeous hair.

Vegan Care Complex

At the heart of every new BC Bonacure product, this amazing technology replenishes damaged cells both within the hair cortex and on the cuticle. The unique complex fills gaps in the hair’s surface while rebuilding the hair’s inner structure using identical amino-acid chains. The result is immaculate hair quality with renewed strength, elasticity, and healthy shine. Discover the technology…

BC Bonacure Vegan Keratin

Vegan Keratin

The inner cortex saviour! Vegan Keratin is a vegetable-based alternative to classic hydrolysed Keratin, made up of natural and botanical amino acids with an identical sequence to that found naturally within the hair. Because they share the same properties of human hair, the vegetable proteins are able to expertly rebuild and restore the inner structure of the hair for stronger, healthier results with improved elasticity.

BC Bonacure Cell Equalizer Technology

Cell Equalizer Technology

The ultimate outer shield! Schwarzkopf’s Cell Equalizer Technology evens the structural gaps on the hair’s surface, restoring the protective layer of Proteo-Lipids that can be lost when hair experiences damage. The cuticle is expertly smoothed and sealed to reveal hair that’s much closer to natural perfection!

New BC Bonacure Ranges

Carefully formulated to suit the individual needs of every client, the BC Bonacure range is infused with skincare-inspired ingredients and technologies to achieve optimal results.

BC Bonacure Repair Rescue

Repair Rescue

Formulated for: damaged hair

Key Ingredient: Arginine – to rebuild proteins and reverse up to 3 years of damage

BC Bonacure Moisture Kick

Moisture Kick

Formulated for: normal to dry hair

Key Ingredient: Glycerol – to provide up to 48 hours of moisturised hair feel

BC Bonacure Color Freeze

Color Freeze

Formulated for: coloured hair

Key Ingredient: pH 4.5 – rebalances the hair structure to an optimal pH of 4.5, protecting hair colour with close to zero fade

BC Bonacure Time Restore

Time Restore

Formulated for: mature and fragile hair

Key Ingredient: Q10+ – the ultimate anti-ageing ingredient that stimulates keratin production and improves elasticity and vitality

BC Bonacure Volume Boost

Volume Boost

Formulated for: fine hair

Key Ingredient: Creatine – injects hair with volume for up to 48 hours of fuller hair feeling

BC Bonacure Clean Balance

Clean Balance

Formulated for: all hair types

Key Ingredient: Tocopherol – to remove environmental pollutants, residues and impurities

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