New Colorsmash Colour-Kissed Hairsprays


Step into the vibrant world of Colorsmash temporary colour – a collection of innovative sprays which turn hair into a work of art without the commitment and hassle of permanent colouring! 

Whether you want to add just a touch of colour or create a full head of luminous colour, Colorsmash Color-Kissed Hairsprays are the perfect choice for experimental clients who love to chop and change. 💜



The Formula

What really helps Colorsmash Sprays stand out from the crowd is their unique, nutrient-rich formula. Infused with extracts of aloe vera, grape seed, avocado, quinoa, pot marigold and sunflower seed (😲!!), Colorsmash really goes to town to ensure hair suffers no damage and is left touchably soft with incredible shine. Because there’s just so much goodness in these sprays, the temporary colour applies evenly, enveloping each strand for uniform colour richness while providing UV protection to reduce colour fade.

It may be packed full of nutrients, but Colorsmash doesn’t want any of the nasty stuff – that’s why these sprays are completely free from iron oxides. Iron oxides are a popular ingredient in colouring products but often leave hair feeling dry, heavy, unmanageable and lack-lustre. Iron oxide-rich products also transfer easily meaning that gorgeous colour has mostly worn off by the end of the day! Colorsmash’s iron oxide-free formula means that the vibrant colour stays firmly in place until you choose to wash it out. No pink pillow cases or indigo skin – these sprays only leave your hair colour-kissed. 😘 





The Results

Once Colorsmash Sprays have been applied, the translucent pigments ensure that hair is left vibrant and super light-reflective. Depending on the porosity of the hair, Colorsmash temporary colours typically last between 1 and 3 shampoos. For example, if the hair is naturally dark the colour will wash out in 1 shampoo; if the hair is blonde and chemically treated, the colour should last a few shampoos longer; if hair is over-processed, the colour will last numerous shampoos, fading naturally.

If you want to ensure colour lasts longer than normal, continue to use Colorsmash Sprays day after day to build a stronger colour that takes longer to fade. Applying heat after colour application also helps to seal the colour in for long-lasting vibrancy. 👍




How To

Step 1: Be sure to cover clothing before applying Colorsmash temporary colours.

Step 2: Brush the hair to separate the strands.

Step 3: Hold the can around 8-10″ away from the hair and spray in short bursts over the desired area.

Step 4: Leave the colour to dry before touching or brushing (you can use a hair dryer to speed up the drying time).

Step 5: For greater intensity, repeat step 3 once the hair is dry.



Choose from 3 stunning shades – Pink, Violet & Indigo – to use and retail in your salon!

Colorsmash Sprays are available to buy here. 😍

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