New IGORA Vibrance: Re-imagine Demi-Permanent Colour


More performance, more versatility, more convenience, more creativity – get more out of your colouring services with new IGORA Vibrance, a state-of-the-art moisturising demi-permanent colour expertly created to offer perfect tone on tone coloration in a kind-to-hair formula.


The Formula

The innovative formula uses Moisture Protecting Complex with AQUAXYL® that works to stabilise the hair’s inner moisture level using a combination of sugar molecules and vitamins. The circulation of water within the hair is perfectly controlled during the development process to secure and protect the hair fibre’s inner structure.

With 40% less alkalising agent (MEA), and enriched with Vitamins B3 and B5, the alcohol-free formula shields the hair to lock in moisture, reducing breakage and allowing for even colour results with incredible shine that last for up to 25 shampoos.

The unique liquid formula can even change consistency depending on the Vibrance Activator that you choose! Thicken your colour with Activator Lotion to create a creamy consistency for precise, easy and fast application, or combine with Activator Gel for a jelly texture that’s great for bottle application and speedy services at the backwash.


Gloss Boss

What’s more, the expert 0-00 Clear shade allows you to give your clients the luminous locks of their dreams!

Part of the newly reformulated Vibrance collection, the unique non-pigmented clear shade enables you to dilute IGORA Vibrance colours to reduce pigment concentration and intensity in highly pigmented shades and create pastel tones. But there’s more! This clever formula can also be used as a stand-alone gloss upgrade to give an extra boost of healthy shine to all hair types.

Follow the step by step guide to learn how to gloss like a boss!



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