New Salon System Lash & Brow Lift

Combining services to offer a treatment package is always a great option, but imagine if you could use the same products. That’s exactly what the new Salon System Lashlift and Browlift System allows you to do!

The new and improved Lashlift range now uses a dual treatment formula which effectively lifts lashes and laminates brows so you can offer a full lash and brow service with just 1 great system.

Using effective, high-quality ingredients including collagen and keratin, the Lashlift & Browlift 2-in-1 system performs a gorgeous lash lift that lasts up to 8 weeks and incredible brow lamination that lasts for up to 4 weeks.

What is a Lash Lift?

An incredibly popular treatment, lash lift services expertly curl and lift lashes from the root to create a wide-eyed effect without the need for lengthy lash extension services. For an in-depth look at lash lifts, check out our ‘Lash Lift Know-How’ blog.

Top Tips

Give the best lash lift with expert tips from Salon System‘s Lisa Stone:

  • Make sure lashes cover at least 60-80% of the shield. If not, size up or down accordingly.
  • When wrapping lashes, ensure they are straight – no ‘fish hooking’ or ‘crisscrossing’. This will ensure neat, fluffy lashes.
  • Make sure your timing is precise on both eyes.
  • After serum is applied at the end of the treatment, leave to absorb for a few minutes then brush out and fluff the lashes.

What is Brow Lamination?

Working in much the same way as a lash lift, brow lamination shapes and sculpts brows into your client’s chosen look for long-lasting brows – great for taming unruly hairs as well as defining finer brows for a thicker, fuller appearance.

Top Tips

Ensure perfect brow lamination with expert tips from Lisa Stone:

  • Only apply on hair. Wipe clean and neaten around the brow with a clean bud to ensure skin is free from product.
  • Make sure timing is precise for both eyebrows.
  • Work solutions through with a sponge and a little pressure to move and place brows exactly where you want them.
  • Once you are able to get the brows wet, advise clients to work hair conditioner through the brows each time they wash their hair to keep brows soft!

Signature Brow Styles

Brow lamination doesn’t just create the fluffy brow trend. Why not show clients some different options?

The System

Step 1: Lift Lotion – enriched with Collagen, this creamy lotion softens and sculpts lash and brow hairs so that you can form your client’s new shape.

Step 2: Fix Lotion – the second step conditions and protects hairs while setting them into the final style.

Step 3: Boost Lotion – formulated with Keratin and Collagen, the final lotion plumps, conditions and strengthens lash and brow hairs for a full, glossy finish.

Get all 3 steps in the handy Lashlift & Browlift Salon Trio or, for a complete intro into the system, check out the Lashlift & Browlift Starter Kit.

What’s new?

  • 2-in-1 system to safely lift lashes and laminate brows
  • Improved Lift Lotion – now with Collagen to protect and strengthen, Panthenol to rehydrate and volumise, and Cysteamine HCL to reform and strengthen bonds within the hair.
  • New Boost Lotion – plumps and conditions lash and brow hairs. Replaces the Nourish Lotion
  • Colourless lotions and colour-coded labels makes products easier to identify.
  • New cream formulation allows for better control
  • Recyclable packaging

Check out these amazing before and after Lashlift & Browlift transformations!

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