Top Tips for the 24*7 Dispenser

Discover the most reliable way to prepare your foils with the ingenious Procare 24*7 Automatic Foil Dispenser.

This innovative machine allows you to select the exact quantity, length, and style of your folds with the simplest press of a button, producing perfectly trimmed and folded foils quickly, quietly, and without fuss.

The perfect, cost-effective addition to any busy salon, the 24*7 Dispenser saves valuable time spent on foil prep and reduces salon wastage almost to zero – check out Procare’s Hairfoil Savings Calculator to see just how much time and money this automatic dispenser could save you!

Key Benefits:

  • Perfect, consistent foils – no more inconsistent foil lengths with jagged edges!
  • Smoother, neater cuts and folds for precise and effective colour application.
  • Quickly produce up to 50 foils in a single press.
  • Approximately 20 foils per minute.
  • Dramatically reduced product wastage.
  • No more staff time wasted on manually preparing foils.
  • Choice of 4 foil lengths and 4 fold options.
  • Choice of single or double fold.
  • Simple to use LED display.

Top Tips:

  • Make sure to use the correct foil. This dispenser is only compatible with Procare 24*7 Foil Refills. If loaded with incorrect foil, the LED display will show 2 dashes.
  • When loading a new roll, be sure to pull a short amount (approximately 5cm) through the front of the machine to cover the foil sensor.
  • Once the machine has begun to dispense the foil, make sure to remove the first sheet from the collection tray immediately. This will allow the machine to neatly stack the remaining foils.
  • Don’t use the machine in temperatures above 25°C.
  • Using a dry cloth, occasionally wipe around the mouth and inside of the machine to reduce build up of static and remove any foil residues.
  • Periodically wipe over the 4 internal rollers and make sure to keep the inside free of hair and any other materials. Failure to keep rollers clean can cause the machine to jam.
  • If the reload light comes on, try pressing the reset button before checking anything else.

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