Wahl 5 Star Shaving Range


The full traditional barbering experience is becoming increasingly popular with clients wanting more than just a quick trim. Having the right knowledge and tools to deliver a professional cut throat shave, provide high-quality skincare and give a stylish, well-groomed finish is essential for the modern barber.

Whether you’re a barbering newcomer or a seasoned stylist, Wahl’s new 5 Star Shaving Range is the ideal salon and retail option for the contemporary barber. Stylishly designed and formulated to the highest quality, this new collection really does have everything you’ll need to boost those barbering add-ons. Discover the full range here…



Essential Tools

The Wahl 5 Star Shave Razor is a great tool to help you get to grips with cut-throat shaving. Designed to give all the professional results of traditional cut-throat/straight edge razors but with disposable blades, this is a convenient and hygienic shaver that allows you to give a premium shave every time with minimised irritation.

Having classic shaving brushes is all part and parcel of a professional shave. Wahl’s collection gives you a choice of natural shaving brushes to suit your individual client needs; the coarser Boar Bristle Brush really works to lift stubborn hairs and the softer Badger Bristle Brush is ultra-absorbing, creating a luxurious lather that’s a little gentler on skin.





Wahl’s Foaming Shave Gel is ideal for use with the shaving brushes. Squeezing out like a gel but working into a rich cream, this nourishing shaving foam helps the blade to glide easily across the skin while restoring essential moisture. For an added touch of protection against irritation, the Pre-Shave Oil is formulated with a combination of natural oils which work to prevent redness and soreness for a comfortable shaving experience – great for clients with more sensitive skin.





Finishing Touches

As well as an essential rich cream moisturiser to soften and hydrate the skin, the Wahl 5 Star Shaving Range includes some fantastic post-treatment products. For bearded clients, the 5 Star Beard Oil expertly nourishes the beard and skin – the perfect finishing touch to beard trimming and shaping services. Wahl’s Bay Rum Aftershave offers the perfect finishing touch to a professional shave, invigorating the skin with a rich, spiced scent.

Make the most of your client’s new hairstyle with a choice of exceptional styling products. Hair Tonic lets you give a classic slick back look while banishing dandruff and rejuvenating the scalp and Crème Brilliantine works to nourish and condition the hair while providing instant style.



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