Wella Subtle Grey Blending















Add a touch of oomph to those grey shades using this subtle mix of Illumina colours, as suggested by Wella Professionals.





Natural colour – 100% white/grey untreated hair.


Colour in mid-lengths and ends – 10/03.

Colour AWella Illumina 7/3  + Welloxon Perfect Pastel Developer.

Colour BWella Illumina 9/03 + Welloxon Perfect Pastel Developer.







1: Section the hair, front and back.

2: Apply Colour A in a root stretch technique, starting at the back nape section and carry on through the front section.





3: Starting at the back nape section again, apply Colour B to the mid-lengths and ends. Continue through the front section until the colouring is complete.








1: Create a blunt base line length at the nape.

2: Comb the hair flat. Blend the sides into the base line length freehand.







3: Elevate the hair at the crown, using the base line length as a guide. Slide cut the hair from underneath with a strong, diagonal finger angle.

4: From the fringe toward the crown, continue slide cutting the hair from underneath.








1: Create lift at the root using EIMI Root Shoot and apply EIMI Perfect Setting Spray to the rest of the hair.

2: Use a medium round brush to create disruptive movement for an overall modern, movable finish.







3: Use your fingers to create the final look and fix with EIMI Stay Styled Spray.






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