Why colourists will love new Wella BlondorPlex Cream Toners

Blondes are the most profitable hair colouring services in the hair industry, making up a whopping 46% of all salon colouring services. But one thing colourists know, is how tricky and time-consuming a blonding service can be. Well not any more! Thanks to new Wella Professionals BlondorPlex Cream Toners, you can achieve show-stopping blondes in record time.

BlondorPlex Cream Toners represent the first dedicated blonde toning service from Wella Professionals that has the power to neutralise and tone in just 5 minutes! Each of these phenomenal Wella toners boasts a low ammonia content that allows for a gentle shift to break through brass, instead of simply covering it up. Plus, integrated Wellaplex technology results in super soft, healthy hair with up to 90% less hair breakage.*

These pre-mixed blonde toners have a vegan, ultra-creamy formula that’s so easy to use, designed for bottle application to further speed up the colouring service. The luxurious texture also improves the alignment of the cuticles to reveal the shiniest blonde results.

With Wella BlondorPlex Cream Toners at hand, you really can make sure no blonde is left untoned!

*BlondorPlex Bleach + BlondorPlex Cream Toners vs. BlondorPlex Bleach alone.

Wella BlondorPlex Cream Toners model group image

Meet the BlondorPlex Wella hair toners

The Wella BlondorPlex toner line is a compact one, yet comes with so many versatile options. Offering two cool blonde toner shades, two warm blonde toner colours and one cool booster, this capsule collection can give every client their perfect blonde in no time. Choosing the best toner for blonde hair has never been so simple!

Cool Tones:

/16 Lightest Pearl – this pearl blonde toner neutralises yellow and pale underlying pigments for a beautifully bright blonde results.

/81 Pale Silver – the ultimate shade for icy tones, this platinum blonde toner reduces warm underlying pigments like orange and yellow. A more intense toner than /16 for even cooler results.

Wella BlondorPlex Cream Toner with /16 Lightest Pearl and /81 Pale Silver hair swatches

Warm Tones:

/96 Sienna Beige – a dedicated rose violet shade that can be used to neutralise all underlying pigments. This versatile beige blonde toner has a slight depth that gives a more balanced finish.

/36 Crystal Vanilla – a delicate golden blonde toner that’s ideal for all levels and delivers a sophisticated creamy blonde tone.

Wella BlondorPlex Cream Toner with /96 Sienna Beige and /36 Crystal Vanilla hair swatches


/86 Ultra Cool Booster – this super booster can be used to intensify the neutralisation of brassiness and unwanted warmth in any tone. Add 1-5g of /86 to every 30g of core shades for the cleanest result.

Wella BlondorPlex Cream Toner with /86 Ultra Cool Booster hair swatch

How to use BlondorPlex cream blonde toner

One of our favourite things about these Wella hair toners is how fast and easy they are to use. Mixed with Welloxon Perfect 1.9% Pastel Developer, using these Wella toners for blonde hair is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Mix your chosen cream blonde toner and pastel developer using a 1:2 ratio. This can be combined directly in your applicator flask.
  2. Apply at the basin to pre-shampooed hair, starting at the back and continuing to the middle section and applying to the hairline last.
  3. Leave to develop for 5 minutes before rinsing thoroughly. Toners can be left on for up to 10 minutes if more intense results are required.

Bleaching Hints & Tips

  • Always mix to the recommended guidelines to ensure maximum lift.
  • When applying, remember that the finer the sections you take, the better the lift will be.
  • For full-head or regrowth applications, apply your hair bleach from the crown down to the nape then crown forwards towards the front hairline. This will allow perfectly even lightening and help maintain hair condition.
  • Use a clean tint brush for applying bleach, not the one you used to mix with.
  • Try dipping your tint brush into the bleach mixture as deep as the size of the regrowth. This will help to prevent overlapping and possible breakage.
  • Add hair care treatments to your service for maintaining hair health before, during and after the bleaching service. This will allow you to get the perfect lift and increase the life of your blonde hair toner.

Top Toning Hints & Tips

  • Toners in wet hair can appear darker, so don’t panic and trust the process.
  • Even the coolest blondes want to feel bright. By adding gold into your mix it will help to brighten the end result.
  • Gold reflects light and visually will appear lighter, whereas cooler tones can appear darker.
Before and after using Wella BlondorPlex cream Toner. Left side shows brunette hair and the right side shows light blonde hair

BlondorPlex Cream Toner FAQs

What is gentle shift?

Gentle shift means that it will not over-lift and expose warm tones to the hair. The low ammonia level offers just enough to shift the yellow tones for a bright, clean finish.

Do I need to use Wellaplex No.2?

Not with BlondorPlex Cream Toners! Each shade is pre-mixed with plex so there’s no need to use Wellaplex No.2. This allows for faster application and rinsing time and saves up to 15 minutes per service.

Which developers can I use with BlondorPlex cream blonde toner?

Wella recommend using Welloxon Perfect 1.9% Pastel Developer for express blonding. Welloxon 4% can be used for base-breaking, additional neutralisation and for more intense blonde toning whilst gently shifting the natural hair.

How long will results last?

These Wella toners will last for up to 20 shampoos, depending on the condition and porosity of the hair. Recommend a Wella Professionals hair care regime for the best colour preservation.

Can the result be softened?

Yes, if you find the tone too strong, you can mix the selected toner in a 1:3 ratio. If you find the result is too cool, you can add /36 to reduce neutralisation mixed with /16 or /81.

When should I use the Booster?

/86 Ultra Cool Booster can be used to intensify the neutralisation of strong brassiness and unwanted warmth. Add 1-5g of the booster to 30g of your core shade.

How much product will I need to use per service?

It depends on the length and thickness of your client’s hair, but on average, you can expect to use 30-60g of colour on a 1:2 mixing ratio.

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