Why you need Lisaplex Lamellar Water

Instant hair transformation from the very first application

Think you know everything there is to know about professional hair care? Think again! Lisaplex Bond Saver Lamellar Water is the ultimate, lightweight hair treatment for instantly repairing, protecting and enhancing every client’s hair. But what exactly is lamellar water, and why is it such a game-changer?

What is Lamellar Water?

In case you hadn’t guessed, Lisaplex Lamellar Water is a water-based, rinse-out hair treatment that helps to instantly repair damage within the hair fibre. Working in thin layers (called lamellae), concentrated active ingredients including amino acids and conditioning agents are deposited onto the hair cuticle and penetrate deep within the fibre, filling the damage in each strand. Because of its targeted approach and ultra-lightweight formula, lamellar water doesn’t overcoat the hair or weigh it down like more traditional hair masks and treatments. Caring agents are deposited only where they are needed in the quantity required – the more damaged the hair, the more care is deposited.

What are the benefits of Lamellar Water?

Unlike most hair care products that are formulated for specific hair needs, Lisaplex Lamellar Water is suitable for each and every hair type. Although anyone can use it, lamellar water is particularly suited to dry, damaged hair types, including colour treated, heat damaged, and naturally coarse manes (think super thick or curly).

One of the key selling points of Lisaplex Lamellar Water is that it works in a matter of seconds! No more hanging around for 5 minutes waiting for the mask to do its thing, lamellar water penetrates and gets to work so quickly, revealing luscious locks in just 9 seconds. You’ll literally never need another hair mask again!

Because it’s so fast-acting and versatile, lamellar water can be incorporated into any routine so clients can enjoy the amazing results with every wash. Packed with Lisap‘s unique Vegetal Protein Complex, this miracle water works from the inside out meaning you’ll see instant results on the cuticle AND improvement in hair’s condition over time.

The results really do speak for themselves, but you can expect the following real benefits from day one:

  • Instant repair of damage caused by heat, chemical treatment, or mechanical stresses
  • Smoother hair structure
  • Easier combing and detangling
  • Super soft, extremely shiny locks
  • Increased blow-drying speed of up to 25%

Free from SLS/SLES and parabens, Lisaplex Lamellar Water is super kind to hair and is part of our ever-growing vegan hair care offering.

Lisaplex Lamellar Water Before and After

How to use Lamellar Water

Lamellar Water really is so easy to use and can be applied effortlessly at the backwash for an express conditioning treatment or by clients at home.

  1. Shampoo as normal, massaging into a lather and rinsing thoroughly
  2. Squeeze dry or towel-dry to remove excess water
  3. Apply Lisaplex Bond Saver Lamellar Water to mid-lengths and ends
  4. Massage for 9 seconds to create a delicate emulsion
  5. Rinse thoroughly, avoiding contact with the eyes
  6. Dry and style as desired

If using after colouring, gently cleanse the hair with an After Colour Shampoo and/or pH Balancer before applying Lamellar Water as above.

Lisaplex Lamellar Water 500ml and 250ml

Dosage Guide

1 dose = 25ml

Lisaplex Lamellar Water Dosage Guide

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