15 Guys Who Should Have Found A Better Barber


We’re sure you all know that feeling when a client comes in with high demands, but everything they ask for is just plain wrong. 🙈

Moral dilemma – please the client and do it anyway, risking public slander and potential bankruptcy, or firmly advise them against their terrible life decisions.

It’s a tricky moment in any hairdresser/barber’s career, but more often than not, compassion wins; you just can’t bring yourself to keep that mullet or shave that ridiculous image into someone’s head – it’s just not right! 😭

However, these 15 unfortunate souls appear to have visited barbers devoid of conscience, resulting in some of the worst barbering disasters our deeply offended eyes have ever seen. 😣



15. “Mohawks are still in, right? Great. Gimme 3.”



14: This guy’s hair is not our cup of tea ☕️




13: “I just want to make sure I’m giving off the right signals.”




12. Rocking that ‘just scalped’ look:




11. “Don’t just use the comb, get me looking like one.” 👌




10. If you look closely, you can actually see this barber’s soul dying 😒 




9: “I want eyes in the back of my head. Literally. And a moustache. Definitely a moustache.” 👍




8: This is chaotic hair of Biblical proportions.




7: “I just really like pineapples.” 🍍 ❤️‍




6: “Craving that fresh dog turd look” 💩




5. What does this even unzip?




4: This is not what we ordered. 😣




3: “So I want a mohawk, and a rat tail, and some stuff going on at the sides…

You know what – make it a lizard.” 




2: *Channels Barney Stinson* – “Challenge Accepted!” ✊




1: We don’t even think this legally classifies as hair. We are so done. 😪






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