Make Silver Hair Glow with Wella True Grey

Throughout the years, more and more clients have begun embracing their natural greys, and this trend has dramatically accelerated since 2020. With clients unable to visit their much-loved hairdressers, many have opted for celebrating their silver tones.

It feels like the world is now realising how beautiful, authentic and empowering grey hair can be

– Rossano Ferretti (Wella Professionals Global Ambassador)

While we are all for showing off the natural look, Wella Professionals understand that naturally grey hair can suffer from dullness, and yellowness, leaving clients with lacklustre, uneven tones rather than the luminous silver they were hoping for.

The solution: Wella True Grey! The industry’s 1st in-salon treatment for revitalising naturally grey hair, this innovative system offers a tailored silver glow treatment that delicately enhances and neutralises grey hair without causing damage.

The Range

True Grey comprises of 7 toners for all grey needs alongside a gentle Activator and a multi-purpose Conditioning Perfector to ensure unbeatable results with incredible condition and shine.

Unlike conventional toners packed full of different colour pigments, Wella True Grey Toners use a soft oxidative base of True Grey Pigments that intelligently mimic the natural hues of grey hair and fade away naturally.

Split into light, medium, and dark intensities, True Grey offers 7 versatile tones suitable for use on 50%-100% grey that help to control dimension and shadow while illuminating each client’s natural colouring.

These low-commitment toners offer a subtle colouring service that’s free of damage. Created with a neutral pH of 7 that’s as pure as water, True Grey doesn’t lift or affect the hair’s structure or cuticles meaning hair is left in the optimum condition for incredible softness and shine. True Grey has also been consciously designed without ammonia, MEA, perfume, or animal-derived ingredients and has been dermatologically tested.

The Treatment

The Silver Glow Treatment is ideal for both men and women, helping to revitalise each client’s unique grey tones in partial, full, or express services. Discover the treatments below:

Full Head Silver Glow

Perfect for adding to a traditional cut and blow-dry appointment, the full head Silver Glow treatment enhances natural tones and light reflections. Taking around 30 minutes, application should be bespoke to the natural highs and lows of the hair, resulting in a glossy, multi-dimensional look with zero brassiness.

Get the Look:

Toner A: 30g True Grey Graphite Shimmer Medium + 30g True Grey Activator

Toner B: 20g True Grey Pearl Mist Light + 20g True Grey Activator + 20g True Grey Conditioning Perfector

Step 1: Start by separating the hair and applying Toner A to the back area.

Step 2: Apply Toner B to the front area and allow to develop.

Step 3: Emulsify, rinse, and shampoo. Follow with True Grey Conditioning Perfector and leave for up to 3 minutes to enhance light reflection and soften the hair.

Partial Silver Glow

The Partial Silver Glow Treatment is ideal for balancing grey hair that’s unevenly distributed. Simply sweep your mix through the hair freehand – avoiding small/fine pieces and favouring larger sections – to define the shape of your client’s cut and enhance dimension and shadow.

Get the Look:

Toner Mix: 30g True Grey Graphite Shimmer Dark + 30g True Grey Activator

Step 1: Take triangular sections in the areas with higher percentages of grey and apply the toner freehand.

Step 2: At the nape, comb the toner directly onto the hair to create an even blend throughout the hair. Develop for 30 minutes without heat.

Step 3: Emulsify, rinse, and shampoo. Follow with True Grey Conditioning Perfector and leave for up to 3 minutes to enhance light reflection and soften the hair.

Express Silver Glow

In a hurry? There’s always time for a Silver Glow Treatment! This express service enhances natural greys in just 15 minutes using a soft and subtle hint of silver to improve condition, reduce yellowness, and add vitality.

Get the Look:

Toner Mix: 20g True Grey Steel Glow Medium + 20g True Grey Activator + 40g True Grey Conditioning Perfector

Step 1: Shampoo the hair with Wella Elements, towel dry, and blot away excess water.

Step 2: Apply your toner mix at the basin from the nape to the front, from root to ends.

Step 3: Gently comb through to ensure even distribution.

Step 4: Leave to develop for 10-15 minutes, rinse, and style.

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