grey hair


9 Reasons Why Grey Ombré is the One! ❤

  So we fully accept these days that grey hair is a thing of outstanding beauty. 😍 But now grey ombré is totally a thing and it’s even more amazing than we thought it could be! 😮 👏 Here are our 9 reasons why grey ombré is utterly perfect:     1: It can be super subtle 👌     2: Or a dazzling showstopper ✨ 🌟     3: It looks amazing down 😯     4: And just as great up 😍     5: It’s beautiful braided 🙌     6: Or in a half-up, half-down 👍... Read More


10 Ridiculous Vintage Beauty Ads

            Here at Adel, we’ve carefully selected our all-time favourite vintage beauty ads. From the completely ridiculous to the downright offensive, these beauty ads speak volumes about how beauty trends have evolved over the decades.           10. Is your natural beauty not getting enough recognition? Cover Girl knows how to fix that! According to this advert from 1966, with an overstated lampshade headdress (and some fancy new lipstick) you’ll light up the room.         9. This poor typist... Read More