Pampered Pets With Better Beauty Regimes Than You


We’re all guilty of pampering our pets – whether it’s an extra treat when they look at you with those irresistible puppy dog eyes 🐶 or an increasing collection of ridiculously over-priced toys because your pet deserves only the best. 😌


However, these 20 animals prove that pet pampering has been taken to a whole new level. From spa days to manicures, these pets put some of our own beauty regimes to shame.😭


This Boxer understands the importance of ‘me time’.



“Don’t disturb me – I’m beautifying.”



Professional treatment; homely comfort.



“Don’t wet the towel, human!” 😠



“Must you mock me while I’m soaking?”



Pugs need fabulous nails too. 👌



“Just the ends – I want to look fabulous.”

Acid Gifdump, June 09, 2015 (25 gifs)



Who knew bath time could be this adorable? 



Pretty in pink and cute in curlers. ❤



“Do you MIND?!” 😲



We will never feel as relaxed as this dog. 😂



“Let’s go for a nice pink to match my bow.”



“Poor human, she’ll never be as adorable as me.” 😏



*sigh* “Being this beautiful can be such a chore.”



“5 More Minutes.”



“I said lather, rinse, REPEAT!” 😒


Blissful pet-icure.



“You thought my fur got this beautiful on its own?!”



 “Awwww yiss.” 😊

cat lazy massage relaxing



“Next spa day I’m going solo, human.”



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