Retro Hairstyles We Can’t Believe Were Once Fashionable


We’ve all looked back at old family photos absolutely devastated that we once actually looked like that. 🙈Whether it’s a perm bigger than your current levels of embarrassment or hair so crimped it makes your modern do sad, hairstyles of the past really make us question fashion trends!

Here’s a peak at some of the most heartbreaking hairstyles that were actually once on point:



This quiff must require an insane amount of product.



There’s a certain skill to getting your afro this perfectly rounded…

…but we still don’t think we’re on board.😣



We have no idea how this is even possible. 😳



Part Robert Smith, part Edward Scissorhands: the ultimate look. ✂️✂️



Hair so coiffured it functions as a DIY face-lift.



If you had a thrifty mother in the 90s, you had a bowl cut.



This kid is a firm believer that the mullet equates to awesomeness…we are less than convinced. 😄



We blame pop stars for letting us believe crimped hair was okay. 😭



This hair is so confusing and gravity-defying, it’s almost impressive.



JT’s spaghetti hair is perhaps the most infamous of boyband hairstyles! 🙈



The beehive: taking the hair game to whole new heights. 😮



Oh, Sabrina, this hair looks like a combo of french fries and turkey twizzlers. 😣 (double blast from the past!)



Who knew the Slinky was once a fashionable hairstyle?! We are so done. 😥



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