10 Ridiculous Vintage Beauty Ads







Here at Adel, we’ve carefully selected our all-time favourite vintage beauty ads. From the completely ridiculous to the downright offensive, these beauty ads speak volumes about how beauty trends have evolved over the decades.







10. Is your natural beauty not getting enough recognition? Cover Girl knows how to fix that! According to this advert from 1966, with an overstated lampshade headdress (and some fancy new lipstick) you’ll light up the room.






9. This poor typist would clearly benefit from the latest trends in grey, white and silver hair; unfortunately for her, her unseemly greyness is just too much to take. It’s a good thing grey is in now, because otherwise we’d miss out on this amazing look modelled by Dascha Polanco.






8. As if greys weren’t enough of a burden, wrinkles can single-handedly destroy a marriage, according to this ad. This was clearly written before the advent of the glorious cougar.






7. Thank god Maybelline have updated their advertising techniques since 1976. Drowning in a pool of pearls isn’t exactly what we all expect from the newest eye shadow range…







6. Maybe the Maybelline model was only trying to conceal her unsightly double chin behind all those pearls – she clearly hasn’t discovered Professor Mack’s ‘Chin Reducer and Beautifier’ from 1890! The cost of beauty seemingly comes in the form of a mechanised head brace…I think I’ll pass on that one.







5. One thing no one can pass up (apparently) is a good quality hairdryer. Who cares if you need it, they’re irresistible! (We reckon this 1972 ad from Panasonic wins most bizarre).







4. Ever wondered the cause of most relationship breakdowns? You’ve got it: dishpan hands! This advert was created by the 1930s brand Lux to prey on housewives’ insecurities.







3. It’s a miracle this lady ever even got married considering her repulsive dishpan hands! Hang in there, maybe he’ll get you some marigolds next anniversary.







2. Someone please explain what Revlon were thinking when they thought up this ad in the 1950s. Apparently horses are the perfect backdrop against which to display your dazzling new shade of nail varnish. But wait, does that say ‘cross-bred’…what exactly is going on here Revlon?!







1. Clearly happy with their animal themes, Revlon circa 1955 decided the only thing better than a ‘showoff pink’ nail varnish is to spoon an alpaca in your finest jewels…think we’ll just stick with the nail varnish thanks.



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