Top 10 Hair Dye Fails Which Prove We Need Hairdressers!

We all know they’re out there – the box-dyers, the DIY highlighters and the home-schooled ombre ‘experts’ – and we’ve all seen the usually drastic outcomes. 🙈

We’ve found 10 of the worst DIY hair dye fails that prove why going to your wonderful professional is the only option! 😊


1: We can’t actually tell if this is an ombre attempt gone bad or the worst example of mismatched hair extensions in existence. 😳



2: Can’t decide between 2 different, outrageously vibrant colours – why not both?! 🙈



3: Speaking of vibrant, this hair and beard combo is unlike anything we’ve ever seen (fortunately).



4: Sometimes the hair isn’t even the worst part…😣



5: The bow isn’t fooling anyone, honey – this hair is anything but pretty.



6: Everybody loves a strawberry, but this is taking things a little too far: 🍓 🍓



7: This guy seems to be using yellow hair dye as a way of blending into his surroundings:>



8: This is the saddest Snapchat story of all time 😭 😂



9: Whatever this girl was trying to achieve, she didn’t. o_O



10: This poor unsuspecting man has to be the most tragic. Fortunately it’s barely noticeable…kinda…🙊



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