Totally Bizarre Hair Curling Hacks


By now we know there’s always going to be someone out there who refuses to use conventional methods to achieve their desired look.

Just in case investing in a set of curling tongs or a ceramic wand isn’t the simplest option (we fail to see how this is true!), these adventurous ladies have come up with truly bizarre hacks for glamorous curls using the strangest everyday objects… 😕 😆



Got any odd socks lying around? No problem! Put them to use as makeshift curling ties…apparently. 😖



Leftover balloons from your birthday party last week? Use them to give yourself some glam waves. Obviously! 🎈🎈



Accidentally buy bananas even though you don’t like the taste? Curlers. 🍌 



No use for feminine hygiene products right now? Don’t worry, tampons evidently make for excellent rollers! 😞 🙈



Bought a load of Cheetos but forgot about that diet? Give yourself some gorgeous ringlets instead. o_O 😅 



(Attempt with caution: cheesy smell will linger). 😅 😅


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