Discover L’Oréal Chroma Crème

Colour correct & care like a pro

Introducing the latest range of colour neutralising cream shampoos from L’Oréal Professionnel that provide instant colour correction with intense care!

Designed to cleverly counteract unwanted warm reflects that emerge after colouring, Chroma Crème helps your clients to maintain their salon-perfect tone from home while providing amazing nourishment and protection with up to 3x more shine.*

*Instrumental test.

The Science of Colour Correction

In order to achieve the best, most even neutralisation, it’s important to understand how warm reflects occur. That’s why L’Oréal sought the advice of professional colourists to help them create the ultimate neutralising shampoo for every client.

What pro colourists tell us is that freshly coloured hair contains a mix of primary colour dyes. After a few washes, some of these dyes begin to fade allowing warmer yellow and orange reflects to appear. So how do we reverse this? With specialised pigments! Expertly formulated dye deposits within each Chroma Crème shampoo target and neutralise unwanted warm tones to reveal clear, bright results on all hair.

Tailored Colour Correction

While some may still believe that purple shampoo neutralises all warm tones in all coloured hair, this isn’t the case. Purple pigments specifically target and neutralise yellow tones in blonde hair, while blue pigments counteract orange tones, typically found in darker hair. Selecting the best shampoo for each hair colour is essential to the perfect colour correction.

Levels 8-10: yellow reflects emerge – use Purple Shampoo.

Levels 5-7: orange reflects emerge – use Blue Shampoo.

Exclusive Technology

What makes Chroma Crème so special? L’Oréal’s exclusive co-emulsion technology uses smaller caring agents that actively target the more damaged and porous areas of the hair fibre providing intense care and nourishment, while thinner dye deposits ensure even, uniform neutralisation.

How to use L’Oréal Chroma Crème

In Salon:

Step 1: Diagnose shampoo needed from client’s existing colour. For levels 8-10 use Chroma Crème Purple, for levels 5-7 use Chroma Crème Blue.

Step 2: Apply gloves to prevent skin staining and apply the same quantity of product as you would with your regular shampoo.

Step 3: Apply shampoo evenly from root to tip and emulsify until a rich, pigmented foam appears.

Step 4: Wait for 5-15 minutes until full colour correction is achieved.

Step 5: Check warm reflects have been neutralised and rinse thoroughly until all dye has been removed.

At Home:

For best results, clients should continue using the same Chroma Crème Shampoo between salon visits. When warm reflects start to appear (normally 2 weeks after salon colouring) clients should start to use Chroma Crème in alteration with their regular shampoo. After emulsifying, leave on for 2-5 minutes, depending on desired results. To ensure ultimate colour maintenance, L’Oréal recommend using Chroma Crème alongside the Serie Expert Metal Detox regime.

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