L’Oréal Curl Expression – The Ultimate Curly Hair Routine

Supercharge your clients’ curly hair with brand new L’Oréal Professionnel Serie Expert Curl Expression.

Why Curl Expression?

A whopping 10.4 million women in the UK and Ireland have curls or coils with 66% saying that hair is a big part of their identity. So it should come as no surprise that a tailored solution for these hair types is an absolute must! L’Oréal Professionnel understand that each curl type is different and needs a bespoke care package to truly make each curl shine; that’s why they’ve worked tirelessly to develop a unique curly hair routine that will have every client loving their curls!

Curls require a dedicated approach, and one of the biggest pain points for clients with super curly hair is dehydration and breakage. L’Oréal’s Curl Expression range is expertly formulated to nourish and strengthen curls and coils from root to tip while enhancing their natural shape and beauty. Concentrated actives including Glycerin, Urea H and Hibiscus Seed extract target weakness within the hair to strengthen from the inside out while providing intense hydration that doesn’t weigh hair down. The result: soft, glossy curls and coils with a natural, free-flowing feel.

A triumph of global collaboration, the L’Oréal Serie Expert Curl Expression collection has been researched and co-developed with hair stylists throughout the world to truly understand the needs of clients across the globe.

I love this range! Because you want your curls to be seen, you want them to POP and I think the Curl Expression range does just that

– Derick Monroe: Celebrity Hairstylist (USA)

Ready to make your clients’ curls and coils pop? Explore the full Curl Expression range today!

L'Oréal Serie Expert Curl Expression Moisturising Shampoo and Clarifying Anti Build-Up Shampoo

Moisturising Curl Shampoo

L’Oréal’s best shampoo for curly hair, this nourishing curl shampoo lathers into a luxuriously creamy formula that gently cleanses curls and coils and promises long-lasting, weightless hydration.

Clarifying Curl Shampoo

The perfect start to any curly hair wash routine, this lightweight clarifying shampoo for curly hair has a refreshing jelly texture that delicately removes product build-up to cleanse and hydrate without stripping the hair.

L'Oréal Serie Expert Curl Expression Intensive Curl Hair Treatment Mask and Rich Treatment Mask

Curly Hair Treatment Mask

The Curl Expression intensive moisturiser mask is so creamy! The soft-melting balm absorbs effortlessly, deeply hydrating and detangling curls and providing up to 2x more shine.*

Rich Curly Hair Treatment Mask

Curls need a bit of extra nourishment? Then this rich, buttery curly hair treatment is the one! The soft-melting butter reveals a luxuriously smooth texture that intensely conditions and detangles curls, eliminating frizz and enhancing shine.

L'Oréal Serie Expert Curl Expression Leave In Conditioner and 10-in-1 Curl Mousse

10-in-1 Curl Mousse

The absolute best mousse for curly hair! This innovative 10-in-1 curly hair mousse uses a lightweight, whipped cream texture to instantly rejuvenate and define curls without any stiffness or crunchiness. We’re talking intense hydration and definition, heat and humidity defence, and a super smooth, glossy finish.

Leave-In Conditioner

After a leave in conditioner for curly hair that doesn’t clog or weigh hair down? This super lightweight moisturiser glides onto hair to deeply moisturise even the most dehydrated curls. Plus the leave in conditioner protects against heat up to 230°C!

L'Oréal Serie Expert Curl Expression Dry Accelerator, Curl Activator Jelly and Curl Reviver

Curl Reviver

A must-have product for any curly hair routine, this silicone-free curl reviving spray refreshes and enlivens curls every morning after pillow friction. Banish frizz for up to 48 hours and enjoy gorgeous curl definition with this leave in curl spray.

Curl Activator

Curly hair loves a jelly! This silicone-free curl activator cream-in-jelly provides instant hydration and curl definition with no nasty stickiness while defending against heat up to 230°C.

Dry Accelerator

We all know that curly hair needs a bit of extra love when it comes to blow-drying. The Curl Expression Dry Accelerator promises up to 48 hours of frizz defence and heat protection up to 230°C while speeding up the drying process by up to 37%! Hair is enveloped in caring moisture to reveal super healthy, glossy curls and coils.

There you have it – the full Curl Expression range! Ready to explore your new curly hair routine? Shop the full range online today!

*Instrumental test: classical shampoo + mask

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