Majirel Glow


Welcome to a new generation of colouring!

L’Oréal Professionnel’s first translucent permanent hair colour, Majirel Glow is the ultimate colour for expert neutralisation and reflective radiance.

Glow technology provides a new way or formulating shades, reducing the amount of base colour and boosting cool reflects, working to preserve hair’s natural transparency and leave a veil of translucent, neutralised colour. Suitable for use on all bases, Majirel Glow is perfect for any client after a subtle, natural-looking effect – it’s the ‘no colour hair colour’ we always needed!

The Benefits

Majirel Glow offers 3 major advantages to your colouring services:

Neutralisation: because each shade is heavily boosted in cool reflects, these expertly created formulas eliminate any brassiness to reveal super-clear results.

Luminosity: greater levels of reflects mean you can achieve 50% more light reflection than with base-heavy Majirel core shades, giving a sheer, translucent effect that enhances the hair’s inner beauty.

Translucency: the specially-balanced range offers 4X more translucency than traditional Majirel shades, bathing hair in multi-tonal, reflective colour with up to 30% white hair coverage.

The Shades

Majirel Glow has been specifically formulated with versatility in mind. Although ideal for subtly enhancing virgin hair, Glow can also be used on previously coloured hair for colour correction or colour refresh.

What’s more, Glow has been cleverly formatted into light and dark colour palettes, with light (L) shades designed for use on bases 6 and above, and dark (D) shades for bases 5 and below. Although each shades can be used on a multitude of bases, the results will vary so it’s important to consult the Glow shade chart to manage client expectations.

The Services

Natural Hair: the illuminating, reflective Glow formula is perfect for boosting the natural radiance of virgin hair. Check out some examples of global and partial techniques to see the results for yourself.

Coloured hair: Glow is also great for adding translucent iridescence and ultimate neutralisation to previously coloured hair – great for a colour refresh service. Have a look at some of the results below.

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