Introducing ASP PURETONE: dual action ammonia-free hair colour

Welcome to the world of truly versatile hair colouring. New ASP PURETONE is an innovative dual action, ammonia-free hair color that delivers sensational permanent or tone-on-tone hair colour results with the same amazing formula. Unlock the permanent power of PURETONE by applying directly to dry hair, or use on clean, towel-dried hair to reveal unbelievably glossy tone-on-tone results.

This no-lifting, zero damage ammonia-free hair dye from Affinage Salon Professional uses ASP’s ground-breaking GPS TECnology™ to deposit colour pigment exactly where it’s needed: just inside the cortex for tone-on-tone colouration, or deep within the hair shaft for permanent, long-lasting results.


  • Permanent or tone-on-tone hair colour results
  • Ammonia-free hair colour
  • Non-lifting, deposit-only formula
  • Zero hair damage
  • 100% vegan-friendly
  • More than 90% naturally-derived ingredients
  • Free from silicones, sulphates, parabens, alcohol, mineral oil, and wax
  • Enriched with Shea Butter and Argan Oil for a high-shine finish
  • Up to 25 minute development time for all applications
  • 100ml tube

ASP PURETONE encompasses a stunning range of 35 intermixable shades – including 10 toners and a Pure Gloss shade – as well as two hair colour developer options to suit your working style and desired results.

ASP PURETONE Cream Activator

  • Up to 100% white hair coverage on dry hair
  • Up to 50% white blending on towel-dried hair
  • Great for root taps and stretches
  • Creamy formula, ideal for precision work
  • Economical 1:2 mixing ratio

ASP PURETONE Liquid Activator

  • Up to 70% white blending on dry hair
  • Up to 30% white blending on towel-dried hair
  • Perfect for quick application
  • Ideal for glossing and hair glazing services
  • Economical 1:2 mixing ratio

ASP PURETONE Applications

Knowing which service you’re approaching is key to working with PURETONE ammonia-free hair dyes. Check out A.S.P Affinage’s guide to colouring with PURETONE.


Apply to dry hair.

For full head colouring with up to 100% grey coverage, mix your chosen shade with the PURETONE Cream Developer and apply using a hair colouring brush. This mix is also great for performing root stretches or root taps.

For quick application on hair lengths with up to 70% white blending, combine with the PURETONE Liquid Activator and use the applicator bottle.


Apply to clean, towel-dried hair.

Mix with Cream Activator for full head colour with up to 50% white hair blending, or for technical toning, root stretches or root taps.

Use with PURETONE Liquid Activator for speedy hair glossing or glazing with up to 30% white hair blending.


PURETONE includes a 000 Pure Gloss shade that’s perfect for use as a standalone glossing service. Pure Gloss can be applied to either dry or towel-dried hair and can be mixed with either PURETONE activator for gorgeously glossy results.


For shimmering, metallic effects, mix any PURETONE toner with your choice of activator and apply to clean, towel-dried hair. These ASP toners are ideal for glossing, glazing and tonal correction services and should be used on pre-lightened or naturally blonde hair.


Shade Selection & Mixing

For low-medium white hair (less than 50%), mix your desired PURETONE shade with your chosen activator using a 1:2 ratio. Example: 40g PURETONE 7.4 + 80g developer.

When working with a high percentage of white hair (more than 50%), add 25% of PURETONE natural (.0) one level darker than the desired shade. Example: 30g PURETONE 7.4 + 10g PURETONE 6.0 + 80g developer.

Remember, PURETONE toners should only be applied to pre-lightened and natural blonde hair.

Application & Development

For permanent hair colour results, apply your mix to dry hair, or for tone-on-tone results, apply to clean, towel-dried hair.

Allow to develop for up to 15 minutes on porous hair, or up to 25 minutes on pre-lightened, chemically-treated, or virgin hair. You may need to increase processing time by 5 minutes if working with white or grey hair that is very resistant.

Colour Removal

Rinse well after processing and follow with ASP Mode Colour Care Shampoo and Conditioner. Gently towel-dry and smooth through with ASP Kitoko Arte Super Sleek Cream before blow-drying and styling as desired.

PURETONE Launch Events

We know you’ll be itching to get your hands on this phenomenal hair colour line. That’s why we’ve curated a whole host of launch events to help you get to know the range. Head over to our Instagram page for a full list of dates and contact your local store to book your place!

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