New Absolut Repair: The Gold Standard of Care


Treat your clients to the gold standard of professional repair with the new and improved Serie Expert Absolut Repair range.

Created with Gold Quinoa and Protein, the professional formula instantly restructures and resurfaces damaged hair to reveal softer, shinier hair with improved resistance to breakage.

The luxurious yet lightweight Absolut Repair collection actively helps to reduce hair surface damage by up to 77%* and leaves hair 7X** shinier for beautifully renewed, healthy-looking hair.

*Instant Resurfacing Shampoo used with Instant Resurfacing Masque for 5 applications.

**Instant Resurfacing Shampoo used with Resurfacing Golden Masque (vs. classical shampoo).

With reformulated staples and brand new additions, Absolut Repair offers the best, all-round care for damaged hair. Find out more about the fab new arrivals:



Resurfacing Golden Masque

Great for fine to normal hair types, this opulent cream-in-gel gold mask envelopes the hair in essential nourishment, instantly restoring and smoothing the hair while leaving a lightweight feel. For thicker hair types, try the Instant Resurfacing Masque creamy, butter-like treatment.





10 in 1 Multi-Purpose Spray

The new Absolut Repair Multi-Purpose Spray uses a lightweight, milky formula to immediately provide damaged hair with 10 benefits of:

  • nourishment, resurfacing, split end reduction, lightweight touch, softness.
  • detangling, easy-blowdrying, frizz control.
  • anti-pollution, heat protection up to 230°C.




Shop in store or online now to enjoy a special intro offer: buy any 3 new Absolut Repair products and receive 1 free.


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